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Assignment Name:

Opportunity Available:

Jan to 31 Oct

Commitment Level:
  • One-Off (Senior Services)
  • Adhoc (Senior Services)
  • Project-Basis (Children, Youth & Senior Services)
  • Regular (Children, Youth & Senior Services)
  • Kallang Bahru Outpost: Saturdays (1.30pm-3pm)
Various centres (Click here for maps)

Vol Requirements:
  1. Volunteers must have keen interest in working with children, youth and/or seniors.
  2. Volunteers working with children and/or youth must be at least 17 years old.
  3. Ability to speak dialect e.g. cantonese, hokkien and/or hainanese (for senior care services)
  4. Volunteers are able to plan and execute entertainment/befriending projects
  5. Sponsorship welcome (see http://tiny.cc/vol-resources)
  6. Projects with at least 1 month planning time.
  7. Kindly forward your proposals to our Volunteer Resources Manager for review and discussion.


  • Many
  • Group Volunteers Welcome

  • Please use the Volunteer Application Form (Short-Term) for short-term assignments e.g. one-off assignments. For all other assignments, please use the regular service Volunteer Application Form.
  • The form to fill can be determined by the "Commitment Level" stated in this assignment description.
  • Click here for the registration form.

Contact Person (For Clarifications):

Ruth Evangeline Goh
Tel: 6555-0232
volunteer (AT) SMM.salvationarmy.org (replace (AT) with @ to email me)

Registration Closing Date:

Opportunity Description:
Volunteers bring joy and cheer to beneficiaries by entertaining them with performances, e.g. musical performances, singing or drama. Some volunteers also help organize celebrations for beneficiaries during their birthdays and festive seasons. Examples of festive seasons include Chinese New Year, Mooncake / Lantern Festival, Christmas, Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day, Children's Day, Easter Day, Dumpling Festival, Deepavali, Hari Raya, National Day etc.

Volunteer opportunities in the children and youth services are of a regular service (at least 6 months with regular commitment) or project basis (e.g. teaching craftwork or photography over a period of at least one month). This is so as to encourage volunteers to be able to build rapport with the children and minimize the chances of them having to re-adapt to new faces again and again, which could be emotionally unsettling at times. However, one-off and adhoc services are possible with pre-school children in the child care centres. Volunteers helping in children and youth services need to be at least 17 years of age.

Our senior care service are looking for volunteers who have the desire to work with seniors and who would like to take up the challenge of organising and implementing activities e.g. art and craft for the elderly drop-in programme (weekday afternoons). Volunteers are also welcome to support with existing programmes e.g. therapy and community walk programmes (weekday mornings). Some ideas can be found at http://tiny.cc/sav-ideas.