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Assignment Name:
Facilities Improvement & Maintenance Volunteers

Opportunity Available:
Jan to 31 Oct (Subject to needs of the centres)

Commitment Level:
  • Regular
  • Project-Basis

Various centres (Click here for maps)

Vol Requirements:
  • Volunteers need to be able to help with physical works. Experienced volunteers are welcome.
  • Groups volunteers are welcome to partner the centre.
  • Sponsorship Required: Help with expenses e.g. paint, brushes etc. You may find out more on funding for projects at the SA-V portal.

  • Individual & Group Volunteers Welcome

  • Please use the Volunteer Application Form (Short-Term) for short-term assignments e.g. one-off assignments. For all other assignments, please use the regular service Volunteer Application Form.
  • The form to fill can be determined by the "Commitment Level" stated in this assignment description.
  • Click here for the registration form.

Contact Person (For Clarifications):

Ruth Evangeline Goh
Tel: 6555-0232

Registration Closing Date:

Opportunity Description: 

Facilities Improvement & Maintenance – The Salvation Army works with our beneficiaries through the designated social service centres including our Nursing Home, two Childrens Homes, an elderly Day-care and Rehabilitation Centre, a Family Support Service and elderly drop-in centre and many others. Volunteers are welcome to help improve and maintain some of the facilities within the centres e.g. gardening, mural paintings, helping to decorate rooms used by the beneficiaries for activities and enrichment; and equipping facilities with the relevant furniture and items e.g. art and craft materials for art-room etc.